Tsumbay TS-BH07 Bluetooth Earbuds review – crystal clear cancellation

I’m used to using wired earbuds, but my old pair of Apple’s own that came with my iPhone 5S have begun to become one-sided and crackly, which is not what you want when you’re an avid consumer of media like myself. I began to search for wireless earbuds as I’m conscious that my next smartphone may not have the 3.5mm headphone jack I have become so dependent on. I also decided, after taking a look around a number of hardware stores, that I wanted a pair that had active noise cancelling (ANC) but didn’t have one of those neckbands that you see on a number of Philips and Skullcandy wireless earbuds nowadays. I spent a couple of hours trawling Amazon, filtering through products and brands paying particular attention to reviews that mentioned the ANC technology. I came across the Tsumbay TS-BH07 almost immediately but skipped over them as I had never before heard of Tsumbay. When I found next to no results that even appeared close to what I wanted, I went back to look at the TS-BH07 and instantly kicked myself for wasting so much time. The reviews were good, the price was good and the features were good. Within 2 minutes I had purchased the headphones and oh boy am I glad I did.

Features and Extras

Of course, the headphones are wireless. That needs no explaining. They work via Bluetooth and paired almost immediately with my phone as soon as I took them out of the box. They had sufficient charge for me to be able to listen to music for a two-hour car journey with the ANC enabled, but more on that later.

The in-line controller on the earbuds has three buttons: volume up and down plus a circular one that controls power, play/pause and can also be used to answer phone calls. How you use these functions are all explained in the user manual which, while obviously being a translation from Chinese, is actually very clear and easy to use. On the side of the controller is the switch for the ANC functions of the earbuds. There is also a coloured LED on the other side to the buttons which gives a clear indication of the status your TS-BH07 are in.

The earbuds charge using a magnetic charging ‘pad’ that comes in the box. The cable is USB Type-A but also supports OTG (on-the-go) charging, meaning you can charge the earbuds directly from your phone. In order to do this, you can slide a micro-USB connector out from the USB-A connector on the end of the wire. This is really easy to do and works every time.

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In the box, you’ll also find a packet with earbud covers that are slightly larger than the ones that come installed on the earbuds, and there are also two larger ear hooks in the unlikely event that the installed pair are too small or uncomfortable for any reason. There is also a nice, reasonable quality carry case that has enough space to fit the earbuds, charging cable and the spares.


I really enjoy how these headphones look. They have a very geometric feel to them, and they won’t draw attention to you if you’re wearing them in a public place, which I think is great. The magnetic portion for charging isn’t too big, but it can sometimes drag the back of the earbuds down. They won’t dislodge themselves from your ears, but it can sometimes make the earbuds feel off-balance, especially if you’re lying down. I don’t think this is a massive problem, but some people may find it annoying.

Overall, I really love the aesthetics of the TS-BH07. I think they look really sleek and the build quality is also very good.

Sound Quality and ANC

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Now, I can’t claim to be an audiophile or even someone who has used many pairs of headphones or earbuds over the years, but I can tell you this – the TS-BH07 sound crystal clear, and the design of the earbud itself drowns out most external noise without having to enable the ANC function, allowing you to listen to music in peace. The sound is really well balanced and there is no static and I haven’t experienced any issues with the headphones.

The active noise cancellation on these headphones is something which, for the price, is absolutely godly. I first tried this product on a car journey, and I turned it on and couldn’t hear anything but the music. I couldn’t hear the sound of the road or the engine, and I could only very barely hear the car radio (which was on quite loud at the time). They work exceptionally well in loud environments, though I would recommend keeping the ANC turned off in a quiet room as you will be able to hear a little bit of white noise. This is through no fault of the earbuds but is a result of how ANC technology actually works (by taking a sample of the noise around you and overlaying your music with the exact frequency that counteracts that noise, resulting in just your music being audible). Remember, you toggle this function with the small switch on the side of the inline controller.


Considering this is my first pair of Bluetooth earbuds, I think I chose very well with the Tsumbay TS-BH07. I can find very little wrong with them, and for the price they are, I think they are truly incredible. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to make the switch to wireless. I would definitely recommend them to anyone with an iPhone newer than the 6S, as being able to charge your phone while listening to music is incredibly important (at least, it is to me). Charging these separately is not a big deal because you can just drop them onto the charging pad once you’re done.

I hope this review helps you!

3 thoughts on “Tsumbay TS-BH07 Bluetooth Earbuds review – crystal clear cancellation”

  1. I have seriously bad tinnitus.
    1.can the ANC be active without music being played,with the bit of white noise you mentioned,or will i need to play my recorded white noise,and
    2.will these keep out the sound of the dribbling water feature my neighbour installed right outside my bedroom window?

    • Hi there!

      1. Yes, the ANC can be active without playing music, and it will play the white noise for you.
      2. ANC excels at blocking out droning and repetitive sounds like water dribbling, so it should be perfect.

      – Isaac


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